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Welcome to Kyūjutsu International Federation

The Kyūjutsu International Federation was founded in February 2020 in response to the growing number of clubs all over Europe that are teaching the art of Kyūjutsu.  

Having started in Germany in the Bushikan dojo in Herne , the art soon spread to other dojos in Germany, Ireland and the UK , all run by fully qualified instructors and there are now several clubs in various locations that offer classes in this martial art as can be seen in our dojos section.

As with all martial arts, Kyūjutsu is a graded system and does not simply consist of learning how to hit a target with a bow and arrow.  There are traditions and rituals that are followed which date back deep into samurai history and the teaching of samurai history and samurai battles.  As well as that, students that wish to grade will need to display a rounded knowledge on the make up and types of bows and arrows that were used by the Samurai as well as a good knowledge of Japanese history and will be required to shoot in lots of various scenarios including standing, kneeling, laying down, in formations and whilst on the move both walking and running.